1059 By-Pass 123, Seneca SC 29678
Phone: 864-885-0551 | Fax: 864-885-1822
Alternate Fax: 864-482-7100

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Mountainview Medical Imaging

1059 By-Pass 123
Seneca, SC 29678

Phone: 864-885-0551
Toll-Free: 888-217-2906
Fax: 864-885-1822
Alt Fax: 864-482-7100

Technical/General Manager:
Suzanne McCulloch
864-885-0551 ext. 130

Billing Manager:
Lessa Kimbrell
864-885-0551 ext. 104

Medical Records

Mountainview Medical Imaging now stores all images digitally. Images are available to referring physicians on our website through our physician portal or on CD. If you need to take images with you to your next doctor's appointment, please inform your technologist and we will burn a CD for you to take with you. We appreciate a 24 hour notice, but understand that this is not always possible. While there may be a short wait (no longer than 30 minutes) we can have your images ready when you need them.

To Request Medical Records:

  1. Call (864) 885-0551 option 4 to speak with medical records.
  2. Email our medical records at medrecords@mountainviewmedical.com
  3. Stop by our front desk at your convenience.